The third of the Leo Burnett “Happy Tale” McDonalds animation commercials created by Kompost, Suzi van Zoom changes gear from the lyricism of its predecessors into the hectic world of a scorching bicycle ride by Suzi. Tearing away from her parents for her first bike ride through a fantasy zoo and its teeming animals, Suzi finally comes to rest with the animals in Timbuktu in a McDonalds. Accompanied by a hard driving Country and Western sound track, the sequences show a further side of Kompost’s imagination and multi-faceted technical dexterity.


Client: McDonald's
Agency: Leo Burnett

Animation Studio / Production Company: Kompost
Director & Art Director: Oliver Conrad
Executive Producer: Gian Klainguti
VFX Supervisor: Kenneth Polonski
Lead FX: Christopher Soyer
Rigging TD: Andrei Savu, Jimmy Johansson
Rigging & Modeling: Boris Ignjatovic
Rigging: Florian Waldenmeier
Lead Animator: Gabor Lendvai
Layout & Animation: Laszlo Nyikos
Animation: Zoltan Szalay, Roy Margalit, Claudia Bic
Compositor: Olio Vergine
Modeler: Christian Schwaller, Adam Juhasz, Adrian Suter
Texturing: Rebekka Keusch
Shader: Dirk Becker, Giordano Canova
Project Manager: Araya Bernhard

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