When your identity is boiled down to what you can do, what you have, and who others say you are, what happens to you? Do you drift off into mere shadow and lose touch with reality? Do you fall into a constant flux of emotions, moving from depression to elation? Or do you fight in this return journey home and search for that still small voice that calls you the beloved? Does this journey end, or is this a continuous cycle as you repress your self righteousness and seek humility?

"The great spiritual call of the Beloved Children of God is to pull their brokenness away from the shadow of the curse and put it under the light of the blessing."
Henri Nouwen

This piece is a collaborative effort on the part of Micha Bournes and Jerod Wanner. After many long talks about the personal struggle that many Christian artists face with their own pride in the midst of creating, this piece emerged.

Watch the live performance of this piece here:



I, am an artist

creating beauty from pain of heart
to the Glory of God.
This gift is divine and
I'd rather die than sell
my soul to critics.

In need of no professional
to tell me I'm broken.
I know it
believe it and see invisible things.
These visions are not hoaxes
but reflections of me.
My creations become cages
for these ghosts in hopes
to prove myself sane.
It never works
but the voices in my head
assure me I'm not crazed.
Dismissing the disdain of the masses
I offer my masterpiece solely to my Master.

Seeking no approval or
applause, my art stands
naked and unashamed
of it's flaws knowing
they are one and the
same with it's strengths.

People gawk at
my provocative display.
Blushing yet delighted
as whispers turn
to praise,
grateful that I
have felt their pain and
painted their feelings.
"Finally, someone said
what we were all thinking."
And now they're all saying that

I, am an artist,

and they are connoisseurs
of my work.
What I once did for free is
now worth more than myself.
And I can't help but believe
what everyone tells me

I, am amazing.

And starving to death.
Their compliments
became my bread
and I don't know if
I'll live through this famine.

So now I'm determined
to prove that I am no fluke.
In competition with my own
skill and I've never faced a
more strong willed opponent
than me. But the tragedy in
warring against oneself means
every victory is also defeat.
It seems I have lost,
my way.

Forgot why I create
in the first place
Forgot not to care about
what they say or
how much they pay.
And nowadays it doesn't
matter how much I pray,
the heavens remain
I, am alone.

So I return to the only thing I know.

I, am an artist

creating beauty from pain of heart
to the Glory of God.

Directed/Produced/Animated/Performed: Jerod Wanner
Script/Voice Talent: Micah Bournes

Special thanks to Paul Crouse, Matt Smith, Nate Salciccioli, Cory Getz and Troy Fichter for all the assistance that you provided through out.

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