Location: Shanghai, China

Artwork by Nini Sum @ Idlebeats.com

The Black Atlantic responded to the call to shoot with us while on the road in Wuhan. But it wasn't until we turned up at Shanghai's Hotel Indigo on the Bund that we found out they'd literally—and very kindly—jammed us into a schedule that guaranteed their Shanghai experience would be limited to the inside of a music venue and the fleeting views from a cab window.

Setup, shot and packed down in the space of an hour, Geert, Kim, Matthias and Simon took it all in their stride. Their tunes complimented the dusty treasues pilled-up around us at the hidden antique warehouse in the Pudong district.

It was an intense experience that could only be guaged in hindsight, by the warm glow of having experienced something special, a milestone, and having someone else to share it with.

The Black Atlantic performed two tracks for us. Their brand new (unreleased) track "Of This Unfortunate Event (The Aftermath)" and "Fragile Meadow".

Charles & Andy
DaBaoGe (打包歌)

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