Negri found a loving home in the Netherlands in 2011

Negri is a small black and tan shepherd mix who lost one ear - but his hearing is still present and it does not bother him.

He is a friendly fellow who gets on well with most other dogs and who absolutely loves people. He is a real house dog and you will not notice him if he is lying next to you in the office or in the corridor in his basket.

He used to be slightly terrirorial towards other male dogs, but in his current foster home he got used to seeing so many dogs that he is much more relaxed now. He also often goes out and greets the big male neighbour farm dogs (2 giant shepherds) and there have never been any problems with them.

He loves to learn, something we cannot offer him very much in a foster home with 10 dogs!

Who can offer Negri a home? He will most definitely be your dedicated companion. He is very open towards new people as you can see in this video with our two volunteers Alex and Renee who stayed here for 2 weeks and Negri loved them!

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Adoption Holland:

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