Recently acquired a GoPro HD camera.

I used the suction mount and waterproof case and ran a time lapse, 5 second intervals. It produces 5 megapixel jpegs which I processed with Topaz Adjust, Photoshop plugin to get an HDR like effect just to see how the images would hold up. Since the camera is running on auto you see some flicker and colour balance changes from time to time which are accentuated by the filter.

The images are fairly noisy which is also really brought out by Topaz Adjust. To be fair the images are fairly clean before processing and I applied minimal noise reduction but, the noise is there just below the surface. With proper noise reduction and deflicker filter applied you'd get a better result.

I'm very impressed with it's time lapse and video functionality. Overall its a great camera package for $350 and I look forward to testing it over the next few weeks.

Music by Darwin Deez:

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