Shortlisted on Vimeo Festival Awards 2012.

"..just because quantum physics said so."

"The Node" is a project of time-image represented as pixels, which is connected to its reinterpretations done by various frequency artists.

"The Node" should be considered as a virtual installation including a collection of recurrences. Each audial redesign of "The Node" will be made by the pure minds in the list below. A notification will be made when each version goes online.

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Behance |

Reality Zero: Original Version (music by Philip Glass)
Reality One: David Kamp |
Reality Two: Box of Toys Audio |
Reality Three: Audionerve |
Reality Four: Nikolai von Sallwitz |
Reality Five: Antfood |
Reality Six: Jeff Dodson |
Reality Seven: Echolab |
Reality Eight: SlashThree |
Reality Nine: |

Antfood |
Audionerve |
Box of Toys Audio |
Calvin Markus |
Combustion |
Cypheraudio |
David Della Santa |
David Kamp |
Drasko V & Trifonic | |
Ece Pak |
Echolab |
Jeff Dodson |
Mutant Jukebox |
Nikolai von Sallwitz aka Taprikk Sweezee |
Studio-Takt |
Wiener Music |

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