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The sexualization of young people is a concern for anybody who advocates positive sexuality, because the expression of these complex behaviors, at the naive age of 10-13, suggest that these are ideas being imposed upon them. Contrarily, there is another school of thought that speaks out against the sexualization of youth because it reflects a decline in social morale. My approach is not directly related to morality, but rather, the reality that this behavior is a manifestation of indoctrination into pop culture; a hypersexualized world tells young people that their only worth stems from their body, their romantic relationships, and consequently, from sex. It is my belief that young people should instead be nurtured to find value in their abilities, in their ideas, in community contribution, in positive relationships, and in strong communication. Sexuality should instead be a tool toward self-actualization and identity when young people become capable of processing it physically and emotionally, typically toward the upper teen years. The trend right now is to push ideas of "sexiness" upon children before they are capable of understanding what "sexy" even is, therefore indoctrinating them into a particular idea of "sexy" that is often sexist, disempowering, objectifying, and materially based. Not only this, but exposure to these ideas without the capacity to properly process them predisposes young people to unhealthy sexual and cognitive development (APA Task Force on Sexualization).

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