I’m so excited to present you with the first Tallook video episode: Cardigans vs. Blazers. In the future, I plan on creating a variety of episodes to include, but not limited to, interviews, product and website reviews, debates, tall issues, and of course I’ll feature my handbags and other craft items. Some will be long and others will be very short depending on the topic.

In this first Tallook episode my friend and I discuss the pros and cons of cardigans/sweaters and blazers/jackets. Though most people tend to have a variety of both in their closet, you probably have one you prefer over the other. We also model some of our favorite fashion combination to give you an idea of our particular style. After watching the video please vote for your favorite, cardigan or blazers, on tallook.com. The poll will be located on the right hand side of the website until May 30th.

Tallook’s videos will be available on YouTube, Vimeo, and iTunes Podcast. Of, course I will always create an article on it so if you email subscribe to Tallook it will instantly hit your mailbox. If you have any interesting topics please send me your ideas.

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