I am working on this project for more than ten years.
I am planning to end this year. I would like to add Africa and other countries but I don’t have enough time and funding for this. I have more than hundred fifty photos I think it is enough for this project.

After fifty years of Rosa Parks Montgomery bus boycott and the March on Washington organized by Dr. M. L. King Jr. the social and economic conditions of blacks and segregation hasn’t changed much.
Inner city blacks suffered unemployment, incompetent schools, gang and drug infested neighborhoods, racism and prejudice. Which limited black children’s ability for education and improvement of their lives. Black adults are always at the economic edge, as they say they were the, Last hired and first fired.

This poor ethnic minority created the best of the American music, maybe the only American music form Jazz, Blues, Soul, and Gospel. These music styles affected all western music forms including Classic music of Gershwin and the Rock Music, as we know today. Chuck Berry and Buddy Holly influenced The Beatles and Rolling Stones. Dynamic, electric, Chicago Blues was the main force for English rock bands, they were visiting the humble house of Muddy Waters with limousines they couldn’t find an enough space to sit down so they went to his bar to talk and play.

I believe the Justice group’s music rich with Afro American and African rhythms, in Chicago; they can address the injustice to this ethnic minority.


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