a short opening clip, with no substance to follow it... just playing with making video clips

Here's a summary of the recipe I used to make it...

1. the opening scrolling text is Movie Maker 2's Scroll, Perspective title animation... to get beyond Movie Maker's limit of a single text color, I used two overlapping text clips, one with the black text and the other with white.

2. the lady with the long cape is an image I scanned from one of those classic clip art books you see in bookstores. After scanning I used Paint.net to erase the parts of the image I wanted to be transparant. Saving it as a PNG file preserves the transparancy and using my basic starter kit for custom title overlays gets it into Movie Maker as a title overlay.

3. the spinning globe is a screen capture from NASA's World Wind software. You need to tinker with the settings so you can give it a nudge and then step back to watch it continue spinning.... and as it spins, do a screen capture session with the Windows Encoder 9 to make a wmv video file from it.

4. the fish were videoed in the Monterey aquarium... I used long overlapping fades between alternating video clips of the spinning globe and the fish

5. the URL at the end is a standard 3D test file made with Rendersoft VRLM, with all but the text made transparant with Paint.net.. another custom title overlay.

6. music added to suit.... I use lots of Civil War vintage pieces, ones free of copyright issues.

Serves many on YouTube, vimeo and other website hosts. It's a good exercise in using a number of tools. If you have a tool that you already use... like Photoshop instead of Paint.net for making transparant PNG files, or Pinnacle Studio instead of Rendersoft VRLM for 3D text.... etc... use them.

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