This is a day for night shoot with a self-made steadycam and a GH-1 with GOP=5 patch (see below). Bitrate is at about 20Mbits/sec throughout. It was tremendeous fun running backwards through the woods!

Comment=40Mbit/sec GOP 5
SD_Card=SDHC 10
Camera=GH1 v1.32
Version increment=1
Prevent version compare=Checked
Third-party battery=Checked
All Interface Languages=Checked
30min limit removal=Checked
PALNTSC Menu=Checked
720p30 420->422 color sampling=Checked
E1 Quality=400
E1 Table=103
E2 Quality=350
E2 Table=116
E3 Quality=250
E3 Table=120
E4 Quality=200
E4 Table=125
Video Bitrate FHD/SH=40000000
Video Bitrate H=17000000
Video Bitrate L=10000000
Overall Bitrate=41000000
720p50 GOP Size=5
720p60 GOP Size=5
1080p25 GOP Size=5
1080p24 GOP Size=5

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