Xcorps #51) SKATE X SPECIAL- Ben Hatchell - Xcorps Action Sports TV rolled into Huntington Beach California for the U.S. Open of Surfing and shot the Converse COASTAL CARNAGE Skate Jam!
Some of the best skateboard talent on earth ripped the cool blue custom skate course for fun fame and fortune at the high profile three day venue.
New to the Cali scene Ben Hatchell rolled in from Manassas Virginia for the weekend and took 1st place overall along with 15 K in winnings and a few hundred more for styling on individual tricks. Bens - I'm Rippin for Fun style was worthy and he is sure to be a name to contend with at future skate events.
Hatchell's Sponsors -- Bones, Circa, Independent and Zero.

Xcorps on camera host Jason Lazo is featured reporting from the U.S. Surf Open event which now draws close to 500,000 people! The Converse COASTAL CARNAGE jam will be the core action making up the next XC episode called SKATE X. Stay tuned!

New music from Suburban NoiZe band Authority Zero doing their song "No Way Home"- a nice fit for the skate action!
Just another day on The Xcorps!
Stay Tuned for XC #51 "SKATE X".
created 8/2010 by J.S.Edmondson.
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Converse Coastal Carnage, an invite- only pro/am skate contest consisting of more than 30 A-list skateboarders, returns to Huntington Beach this year, anchored against the backdrop of the US Open of Surfing. Converse Coastal Carnage continues in its second year as the skate component to the weeklong celebration of the world's top action sports athletes. The contest was free to the public and ran Friday August 6th through Sunday, August 8th.

Coastal Carnage 2010 is taken to the next level, from every angle. The course, a double bowl with plenty of hips and tight corners, is twice as large this year and incorporates a new vert section that's guaranteed to keep every competitor ripping hard! The stakes are high not only on the challenging course, but also with this year's prize purse, with a total pot of $75,000.

The jam format is broken up into 10 qualifying rounds that pit 4 riders against each other simultaneously. Because Converse Coastal Carnage is a pro/am event, the most experienced professionals like Lance Mountain and Kenny Anderson will be seen battling it out alongside today's up and coming ams like Tommy Remillard, Curren Caples and Grant Taylor. Coastal Carnage is truly a test of endurance and will, and last year proved it's anyone's contest.

"Everyone who skated in last year's contest had a good time and skated amazingly because the vibe on the beach was just incredible. We've put a lot more into the contest this year overall, in ways that we know will get the crowds and everyone in the contest hyped up," says Converse Skateboarding Brand director Steve Luther.

For more information visit: ..... for contest times, rider profiles, photos, video and more.


Finals: 1. Ben Hatchell - 93.67 - $15,000
2. Tom Remillard - 82.67 - $12,000
3. Kevin Kowalski - 82.00 - $8,000
4. Ben Raybourne - 79.67 - $7,000
5. Tyler Mumma - 76.67 - $5,000
6. Aaron Homoki - 76.00 - $4,000
7. David Loy - 75.33 - $2,500
8. Ryan Reyes - 74.67 - $2,000
9. Omar Hassan - 73.33 - $1,500
10. Rune Glifberg - 70.00 - $1,200
11. Brandon Perelson - 66.67 - $1,100
12. Andrew Langi - 59.67 - $1,000
13. Lance Mountain - 57.00 - $1,000
14. Christian Hosoi - 53.67 - $1,000
15. Steve Caballero - 52.67 - $1,000

1. Aaron Homoki - kickflip bs stalefish - $2,000
2. Kevin Kowalski - saran wrap tail block - $1,500
3. Tom Remillard - smith grind to fakie - $1,200
4. Neal Mims - smith grind to revert - $1,000
5. Curren Caples - frontside flip into cradle - $1,000

Stay Tuned for XC #51 "SKATE X".
10/2010 J.S.Edmondson
©2010 TheXcorps xcorpstv.com/

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