Andrés Jaque Arquitectos and the Office for Political Innovation

Alberto Rey, Alejandro Martín, Lina Vergara, David Segura, Camilla Carli,
Alberto Rey, Aser Calderón (Pich y Aguilera), Estrella Benito
Associated Companies:
Escofet, Grandhermetic, Industrias Navarrete, Pich y Aguilera, Roca
Miguel de Guzmán
Model: Alvaro Carrillo
Video: Jorge López

Prototype developed as part of CASA BARCELONA Construmat, with the support of the Mies van der Rohe Foundation.

More than 80 million people live sharing houses only within the European Union. Erasmus apartments, fancy houses shared by posh professionals, transnational immigrants slams. Sharing dwelling is a massive and diverse phenomenon, an invisible urbanism, never attracting, so far, architects’ attention, that challenges the way homes have been thought of in the last decades.
The ROLLING HOUSE is a design based on the knowledge contained by a community living. Home is no longer the sweet, sweet un-political space for peace, but the very centre of public arena. Interior is no longer the place in which things are familiar to us, but the very place in which we face otherness. And home is no longer the place in which desire is being relieve, but the very scene in which we make social and collective the in-between separating what is present and what we desire present to be.

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