"Real-time does not refer to either fast or slow processing. In fact, the speed of processing is entirely orthogonal to whether or not a system is considered real-time. For a system to be defined as real-time it must meet its time constraints — whether those constraints require extremely fast processing or can be met at a more leisurely pace has no bearing on the matter.

Hard real-time systems are used when it is imperative that an event is reacted to within a strict deadline. Such strong guarantees are required of systems for which not reacting in a certain interval of time would cause great loss in some manner, especially damaging the surroundings physically or threatening human lives (although the strict definition is simply that missing the deadline constitutes failure of the system)."
--from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Music: Claudia Bruecken "Unknown Treasure"
from Blank & Jones: Relax, Limited Edition

all footage shot with GoPro Hero HD

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