Even the Queen, ensconced in the very middle of Britain's biggest city, is only a 15-mile yomp away from a great bivvy site in the woods by the Great Pond on Epsom Common.
Nobody in the UK lives more than 15 miles from somewhere green, pretty, and invigorating to spend a night.
Pick a nice warm sunny weekend and give this a go yourself.

Here are the Rules of the Bivvy Challenge:

1. Your journey must start and finish at your front door
2. You must cover, through non-motorised means, a circular journey of at least 30 miles (or a distance that is moderately difficult for you)
3. It must take at least 24 hours
4. You must sleep outdoors (no tent) in a place you have never been before
5. You must have an outdoor swim
6. Rules are for the obedience of fools and the guidance of wise men

Necessary Equipment:
Sleeping bag
Bivvy bag: bit.ly/k080T7
or, for first-timers/misers/paupers/masochists, one of these cheap orange survival bags will do fine: bit.ly/lmBr60

Not Necessary Equipment:
Everything else

Canon 5D Mkii
24-105 f4 lens
small tripod
polarising filter
0.6 ND grad filter
Blu-Tack to hold filters on

The Boxer Rebellion - Spitting Fire

This is Microadventure Number 4 for my year of microadventure (bit.ly/iU66v6).
It originates from this howies idea from a couple of years ago (bit.ly/iT1Axo). Thanks to them for the great idea, and for my only trendy clothes.

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