DC is proud to introduce the DC LIFE Studio. For musicians, artists, bloggers, producers, and photographers, the DC LIFE Studio is a unique extension of their personalities, and the creativity behind their work results from the time they spend there. While studios are each unique, they all inspire.

The DC LIFE Studio reflects the belief that our world has become a studio space, with more and more people using the Internet and digital media to imagine and create on the go. To celebrate that creativity DC has teamed with seven influential bloggers to create the first ever DC “My Studio Session,” to go along with the release of the new DC LIFE silhouette the Studio.

The DC LIFE Studio is being released for Summer 2011 in 7 different color-ways, one for each blogger attached to the project, and will be accompanied by a documentary style video of the blogger and their experience with their pre-selected STUDIO color way. Including a photo essay, a visual interpretation as each blogger interprets what The DC LiFE Studio means to them. It’s a day in the life of the blogger in his city, in his summer.

Marcus Troy will be heading up the project with DC along with the six other bloggers (Joshua Kissi, Sean Quincy, Eric Johnson, Vince Tsang, Phillip Annand, and William Yan). To Learn more about My Studio Session, visit

The number 7 was chosen to represent the seven-point star in the DC logo and pay homage to DC’s heritage.

Shoe Features:

Material Story: Bounce Suede (rubber coated suede) Water, Dirt, Grime and even spilled drinks in the club bounce off. The material allows for you to keep it clean and fresh. This material also helps with the recovery of instep creases. To complete the aesthetics each shoe comes with a leather lace to match the Bounce Suede and a second cotton lace to match the sole.

Lining: heather poly cotton blend that’s soft enough to be worn with or without socks

Custom Vulcanize Sole: the top line on the sidewall tape consists of our DC Pill Pattern™ raised as a tonal application.

more info:

Product Merch&Design: Hommy Diaz
Executive Producer: Hommy Diaz
Curator: Marcus Troy
Web site: session The Marcus Troy Experience
Videographer: Joe Gaetani
Editing Assistant: Eldrich Legaspi
Bloggers: Marcus Troy, Joshua Kissi, Sean Quincy, Eric Johnson, William Yan, Vincent Tsang, and Phillip T. Annand

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