You thought you'd seen it all? Think again! This is the EzOSD, an OSD the size of a receiver which packs all the punch of something three times the size. That's right, an OSD with all the essential features a seasoned FPV pilot needs, without the bulk that he doesn't care about.

Equipped with sturdy locking connectors, a fast and accurate GPS receiver that sits right next to your video transmitter, a broad slew of warning settings in a menu that's very intuitive to use and last but not least very Ez to use and setup.

Add to that a comprehensive software package that allows real time plane tracking via Google Earth by means of the EzTelemetry included with the EzOSD and the option to add a antenna tracker and you'll be hard pressed to ever lose a plane again.

But there's more, how about a true RMS sensorboard, with a precision voltage reference, that allows for very accurate (calibration-free) reading of vital battery statistics? A super-quiet and efficient switching regulator to power it all?

And to top it all off a I2C bus and a standard USB connection to your PC to allow for easy firmware, and other upgrades. No need to purchase 'programming adapters' any more!

EzOSD - the no-nonsense OSD
Brought to you by team ImmersionRC.

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