Due to the dynamic nature of the mix, it is recommended that this is listened at a high volume (preferably in a residential area) - on good quality headphones, or a system which is capable of loud an clear low frequencies.

This was part of a University project exploring the practice of making sampled and synthesized sounds become perceptually different in each instance of their use.
For example: there are samples used in this piece which are repeated throughout, though a certain number of their 'parameters' were changed to adapt their perceived output in each implementation.
The project was founded on the idea and practice of adaptive audio in computer games.

The sounds and music provides a progressive narrative based around the rabbit like creature, it's environment and the onscreen action.

Video content was created by Edouard Salier (edouardsalier.com) and was originally for Massive Attack's "Atlas Air". The theme for the video is based on the rendition flights of terror suspects, made by the USA as part of their "war on terror".

The Original video can be viewed here:

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