Here's a music video we co-produced with Young Replicant. Hope you like it! This was shot on our AF-100s with Zeiss Super Speeds provided by Evidence productions and a Duclos PL mounted Tokina 11-16mm Zoom.

If anybody had doubts about getting cinematic looking images out of the AF-100 I hope they are put to rest now. I really think this video came out looking amazing. Everything was shot at 24p (with lots of overcranking) and the widescreen was achieved by shooting at 1080p and cropping down to a widescreen 720p. A heck of a lot cheaper and easier than messing around with anamorphic lenses!

As an alternative to the RED, I think this camera really stands up. It even has some features that may even make it better for some uses. For example, the built in NDs can save you a ton of time when you're trying to get shots off as quickly as possible and the light is changing on you. Add that to the fact that you can rent this entire camera, lens, support and accessories package from me for $500 a day and I think we'll see a lot of great video like this one being shot with this camera system.

Please ask if you have any questions about the gear or production!

True Loves by Hooray For Earth
2011 Dovecote Records

Directed by Alex Takacs and Joe Nankin
Produced by Stray Angel Films x Young Replicant
Commissioner Jill Kaplan
DP Tom Banks
AC Federico Kurschinski
SFX - J2k Entertainment
Additional SFX by Mickey Goese, Alex Takacs

Wardrobe by Lauren Bradley
Wardobe Assistants Julia Chase, Alex Dill

Featuring Emanuel Borria, Maya Lawson

Stunt Rider Lillie Jandrain
Trainer Brenda Chalk

PAs Graham Murdoch,
Shanah Richardson,
Marcus Inglizian,
Tim Suglian,
Joey Arcidiacono,
Andrew Levy,
Wesley Chou

Special thanks
Steve Vader

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