A Protest Song That Attacks The Corrupt Politicians And Greedy
Capitalists And The Underworld With Him They Cooperate

Protest Rock Song. Against The Corrupted Government And The System

Lyrics&Music,Processing and Musical Production: Amnon Kabuly
Guitars: Shiko feldman.
Keyboards,Tambourine:Kobi Sendhouse
Bass : Ofer Koren. Drums : Asaf Rise
Recorded in "Down Town" Studios
November 2010
Recording Technician : Guy Mentesh
Mix : Shiko Feldman
Mastering : Tali Cuts - Master One

Money, government and underworld

They control on you, They are Steal from you
They are all connected, Don't be so naive...
They are stepping on you, destroying your life
And you're asleep, all you do is whine...

Money, government and underworld

It's prime minister, the other is a president
With a Businessman one hand they do
(business deals they make with one hand Like a snake)
Money, government and underworld

They destroy your life, and you like a whore
giving your self to the highest bidder....
with your face in the wall...
evil criminals are bribing the the Official...
and the law is is funny, only you are troubled by

It's a shame, life is beautiful
You're young, you have no price

Money, government and underworld
So let's get up, do not afraid
We must with power to resist
To ... Money, government and underworld

For the help in translation Thanks To: Sarit Jacobsohn, Daniel Beller

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