Sony ED-Beta & Canon A-1 Hi-8 camcorders---This meet took place at Hayward Field in Eugene. This part covers the final day of the meet. See Part 1, which will be posted later, for the first days of the meet, which shows many preliminary events and some finals.

It was converted to the DV format from some 20-year old VHS tape copies that been in my attic all this time. I
re-encoded it in MP4 at 5 Mbps. A download of the uploaded video will have a higher bit-rate and quality than the version shown on Vimeo. I shot it using a shoulder-mount steadying rig I had built. Image stabilization was not a feature used in camcorders at that time.

CBS had a crew here to provide coverage of the meet, but it was not broadcast. On the scheduled day for it to be shown, it was pre-empted by a delayed auto race. It was re-scheduled at least twice for broadcast later in the Summer, but it was never put on the air. I hope that my video will give some of the participants and their families and friends a chance to see this meet for the first time.

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