Snowboard magazines are funny. Do they show cool pictures of snowboarding or are
they more than that? Do they contain nuggets of journalistic significance or is it
just entertainment? Snowboard "media" never seemed serious to me, until I realized
it was just another money making venture. I've heard of "ad to edit" ratios and have
been told for years that it doesn't exist. I am pretty sure if I pay enough money,
any magazine will do something for me that sweetens my business proposition. Yes,
the magazines are on the take, but that's okay because everyone needs to make money,
right? I always thought Thrasher ran the best magazine. It has always been about
skateboarding and the guys who have been running it have never lost sight of why
they make Thrasher. Other magazines have clearly been about the money since their
inception. Nothing wrong with making money. I think making money is important. But
so is integrity. Can't you make money and maintain integrity?

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