Imagine: An alternate reality where urban decay, crime, corruption, greed rule. A place overrun by warring gangs, where the government has fallen apart, where there aren’t many honest people left.  Welcome to Zoo City -- a place in need of a Hero.

Our setting is the city underworld -- dynastic street gangs, backroom dirty politics, cult leaders with a Jesus complex.  Our tone is hip hop music -- bombastic action, pulse-pounding tension.

Our lead is the last hero of his kind.  A soldier with a code of honor, who returns home to find his city in chaos, and is forced to become a ‘fixer’ for his childhood rival, the king of Zoo City’s criminal empire. As he ascends through the ranks, he’s also working with the last honest cops left to undermine the criminal regime from within.

And over the course of our series, we watch his lust for power grow, butting right up against his moral code, his need to make right.

At its core, this is a character-based drama with procedural elements. Each week, we watch our hero play both ends against the middle: He plans, politics and executes a crime of the week -- but he’s also secretly working with the police to make Zoo City a better place. In essence, we pose this crucial question: Can a man do bad -- but still make good?

This teaser was edited with a mix of archival and original footage.
For what we shot, we used a Canon 7d.
50mm f1.4
70-200mm f4
28-135mm f3.5-5.6
11-17mm f2.8

Edited in Final Cut Pro, with color correction done at MPC Santa Monica.

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