The lyrics of the song is very important in this video. So herewith a translation "Google " it.

Meow meow. (Los Suaves)

Black roses, red cypress
talking sometimes murmuring
with the words of the sea,
of rivers and springs.

Leaves water demand
filled with clouds of tear
rain is a scythe
tides fires

The waves are drains
no sand on these beaches.
Meow, Meow

It was one of many nights
jumping in time to bits
wind drew the insanity
fear hidden in your arms

Nights we lost
find, not sure,
in a dark alley
the barking of fate.

Nothing matters in this world
so big and empty.
Meow, Meow

Moon lover
Good cat, bad man
lover poets
born the year of the cat

Arrogant solo
Wild West gunslinger
of those who go against
in sorrow and mourning

If you're tough,
of those who do not repent
Don Juan before John without fear
black as your black luck.

Navigator of the streets
roofs are its port.
Meow, Meow

The night when we meet
we were the two cross
're alone and going crazy
crazy, mad, bad company

The years will be less long
if we ride together
I am your shadow, I am your brother
'm the one who travels freely at your side

Years later I confessed my name
and I spoke for the first time.
Meow, Meow

Moon lover
Good cat, bad man
lover poets
born the year of the cat

Was short
always spoke softly
listened without saying anything
but tell him straws.

It changed the way home empty
by a return to home
solitude for company,
thousand lies and a truth.

The moon is a hole
by which God is watching us.
Meow, Meow

Fulfilling his destiny
crossed the tarmac for another year
but this time he remained at the site
mercilessly beaten

In the shoulder, in my arms
in your nose is red
roses planted in a patch
promises of a cold hole

They say that every year
dressed in black rose
born to mourn.

Meow, Meow
Meow, Meow
Meow, Meow
Meow, Meow

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