OMG! - A Digital Performance

Performed live at Kings ARI Melbourne 2008
Conceived & Performed by Sandra D'Urso
Music Composed by James Hullick
Edited by D B Valentine

At the heart of this performance lies an ancient continental European curse Porco Dio, which states quite simply: PIG/GOD. Here we have two auspicious and conflicting diametrically opposed elements. Pig and God: each one sitting on the appropriate end of the Sacred to Profane continuum. I feel equally as alienated or distanced from God as I do from Pig and furthermore from my own biological or corporeal functions; and given that this perceived alienation and or distance is so extraordinary as not to be properly contained within a single sustainable thought, why not transform this perceived distance into a perceived proximity? So the proposition then becomes, "Not so far from God; not so far from Pig; not so far from my corporeal functions". - S.D.

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