In these days I'm editing the video of L'Eroica Bike Tour 2011 that I will upload in the next weeks, this is the intro of the film!!!
It was long time since I wanted to create a map of the route cycling during the trip. My first attemp ( was not so bad to be the first time, but I know that something more can be made. I start working on this map before leaving for the easter trip in Tuscany, I spend a lot of time in creating the route image and in animating it. Differently from the first experiment I decided to reveal the track passing over it with a sort of cursor (a circle in my case). Doing that I can be less precise on any change of direction of the track, but at the same time I have a good effect.
For the scene in background I planned to shoot a video with us on the right and with the landscape on the left where I can put the map!!!
You can surely find something better on the internet, but I think that for my purposes this result can be good enough!!!
If you have some tips or anything that can help, please let me know!!!

Camera: Panasonic FZ38
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Music: The Night Behind the Stars - The Six Parts Seven

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