Pump and Jump is Pump is a social enterprise model for expanding access to affordable high quality early childhood education using human milk as a income generator. This is a enterprise is a response to the paths and costs that achievement gaps present to individuals and our society.

The first segment of the video examines a national and local problem, high school graduation rates (which is related to achievement gaps). The costs and development of achievement gaps and subsequent effect of dropouts are discussed. The last segment of the presentation is a project proposal addressing this issue in Boston with a social enterprise, addressing local health and education needs for early childhood development. This is a thesis presentation containing a contextual problem analysis and researched business plan/project proposal to address the need.

Osei May is presenting this research in completion of the thesis requirements for the M.Ed in International Education Development degree from Boston University. He graduates May 2011. You can contact him for questions about this project or other opportunities


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