Directed by Brent Hoff, Walleyball documents the world’s most illegal game of volleyball – played at the U.S.-Mexico barrier. On one side, helicopters and machine guns; on the other, mariachi bands and families sharing popsicles. Between them, a fierce battle – not of mere volleyball players, but of human citizens who would be free to play together against those forces determined to keep them apart.
Shown live in 117 countries as part of TED’s "Pangea Day" Festival, and later on CNN as part of Christianne Ammanpour’s commemoration of the Fall of the Berlin Wall, Walleyball has been seen by millions since its release in 2006. It is available on Wholphin DVD as well as the Ironweed DVD collection.
Cast and Crew
Director: Brent Hoff

Producer: Emily Doe
/ Brent Hoff Narrator: Arnoldo Garcia

Cast: Brent Hoff, Josh Bearman, Team Mexico

Score: Aesop Rock

Camera: Sean Helfritch, Emily Doe

Editor: Encyclopedia Pictura, Brent Hoff

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