A special thanks to the girls from Pearl London,
Please take a look at photography-factory.co.uk.
The whole sequence is less than a second in actual time. Poor Katey had no idea what was about to hit her as you can tell from her genuine horror.... We used gloss paint to get the right effect but it meant the dress, shoes and underwear were a write off and the other girls had to scrub Katey with spirits and hose her down (naked) for about 20 mins to get all the paint out of everywhere... Hell, that's a whole other movie. Sorry Katie, I hope you know it was worth it ;)
We were using a $120,000 Vision Research Phantom HD slow motion camera shooting to a 120 gig ram stack at 1000frames per second, the lens was a 50mm Carl Zeiss Planar T* f1.4 at F2.

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