Revelation 3:16 - So, because you are lukewarm -neither hot nor cold - I am about to spit you out of my mouth.

It's a popular subject that never seems to go away. For thousands of years people have been predicting THE END. Book after book, movie after movie paint doomsday pictures, but does anybody REALLY know? If you're like most people you probably have questions about the approaching end. Should you build a bomb shelter in your backyard? Or is the 2012 thing really true?

Or, on a more serious note, maybe you've read the Bible and are left wondering about The Beast, The Antichrist, 666 and this thing called “The Tribulation”. Well, we can't promise all the answers but you'll be surprised at what the Bible does have to say about it all. In the coming weeks we'll let the Scriptures be our GUIDE TO THE END OF THE WORLD!

Some things just cause us to gag.  For some, it’s asparagus.  For others, maybe cabbage.  But all of us have something that kicks in our gag reflex.  Did you know that God has a gag reflex?  And you might be surprised at what causes it .   Today we look at the 7th and final church discussed in the Book of Revelation.  We have learned much together by looking at what Jesus said to these little churches and today is no different.  We hope that you’ll have an open heart and mind to the things of God today, because ‘SPITTING IS JUST GROSS.

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