For NYC Social Sports Club members, there's nothing more exciting than a meet-and-greet with President Obama and free beer at the Village Pourhouse.

Especially if you're one of the employees who gets to read the emails of everyone who's going nuts over the idea - without checking their calendars.

The club's management told the Daily News it has a special message for the over 1000 people who have registered: Happy April Fools' Day.

The New York-based recreational sports company sent an email out to its members advertising that the President was coming to the bar to meet NYCSSC members - with limited registration available, of course.

Members were also invited to submit questions for the President.

"The phones have been off the hook," Matt Archambault, the company's marketing manager, told The News. "Registrations are coming in at four a minute and there's more than 200 emails in our inbox about it with 2/3 of them still thinking it's real."

The attention has even crashed the company's website at least once Friday. While some people are just incredibly gullible, Archambault pointed out that it's not totally out of the question Obama could be working for the youth vote.

Many people, he said, even suspect it's a joke - but are registering just in case.

"I registered for the Meet & Greet with President Obama . however . I've been April Fooled at least 50 times today already . is that event legitimate??" one pranked customer asked in an email.

"I was so excited. And then I realized what day it was. Damn you. I bet he drinks Brooklyn Lager too," another added.

Last year for April Fools' Day, Archambault and the company set up a fake "fight league" on the website on a whim.

The idea, according to the prank, was 6-on-6 coed fighting, no holds barred. Like this year, he said they were surprised at how easily people fell for the prank.

"We're just having a blast reading these comments," he said.

As for whether he feels guilty about getting people's hopes up about meeting Obama, Archambault replied: "Not yet. But I'm open to the possibility that I might."

NYCSCC is not the only company to pull an April Fools' prank. Google is suspiciously advertising a product called "Google Motion" which promises to allow users to "control Gmail with your body." PBS also announced it had given right-wing commentator Ann Coulter her own show and Ikea introduced doggie high chairs.

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