Brief: Advertise a product from a global brand in a way that
couldn’t have been done five years ago, to an audience of
your choosing.
Art Direction: Nicolas Mizrahi, Jin Soo Kim

Brand & Identity

Amazon Kindle

Amazon is the largest online retailer in the United States.
With a reputation of being the largest physical books seller in the world. The kindle is a simple content-based device that allows flexibility to read and buy books, in an easy way.

Business Opportunity

Promote a new way of reading, mixed with the latest technology, to engage a market that has turn its back on books, “Teenagers”.

Target Insight

Teenagers love fast entertainment, like video games and Internet. They think books are old and boring.

The Real Opportunity

Teenagers are easy to influence, they were born in an ever-changing technology world. They are early adopters.

Brand’s POV about this Opportunity

Amazon Kindle will run a campaign targeted to teenagers, in a tone “from teenager to teenager”. Will promote content that’s appealing to the market and device functionalities that will relate our product with a “tablet”, a much more powerful device.

Brand Truths

Amazon can provide the technology and quality in book’s content that teenagers are demanding.

Moments of Opportunities

How can we partner with brands that Teenager think are cool?

How can we use another features of the product to be more appealing to our target?

How can we use someone that they admire to introduce our product on their market?

How do we make Kindle more appealing to teenagers by combining it with newer technologies?

How can we reach our target in a new way?

How do we make reading more entertaining?

How do we integrate kindle users with social networks?

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