On a certain road (which I can never remember the name of) in Cambridge, there is this shelf built into a fence, beside a house.

It is the Recycling Shelf. The idea is that anyone can put any unwanted goods there for other people to take for free!

I often pass the shelf, and its always good fun to have a look and see what's been left there.

This film is a collection of photos taken throughout 2010, depicting a collection of some of the stuff that has appeared on the shelf.

Shot on a Canon IXUS 75 stills camera (that is now broken) and cut by myself.

This is my second collaboration with Ned Wilson Eames (vimeo.com/user2247097), who has created some awesome music for the film. Check out our first collaboration "Waiting..." if you haven't already seen it! vimeo.com/rydcook/waiting

The film was edited first, and then Ned composed the music to the film, I then did a few more minor edits, and the film was complete!

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