In 1984, after years of intense persecution, Dumitru Duduman, a Romanian Pastor and the founder of the Hand of Help orphanage, was thrown out of his country for smuggling Bibles into Romania and Russia. With the help of the American Consulate, Dumitru and his family came to America. Feeling abandoned and discouraged, Dumitru asked God why he had brought him to America. God began to show Dumitru that he was brought to America to deliver a warning about impending judgment upon the country. Hand of Help would like to offer the Body of Christ the writings of Dumitru Duduman as a message of hope to all those who will stop sinning and turn to God.

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September 1984. A prophecy received by Dumitru Duduman.

Due to the nature of Mr. Duduman's visions, most people do not want to hear/read his visions. I guess it is only natural to want to bury one's head in the sand. If Father God says something is going to happen then it will happen. If on the other hand He says something will happen to a nation unless it repents, then it is up to the peoples of that nation to repent in order to avoid the pronounced judgements. So you tell me - do you think that the population of this nation will repent and seek righteousness?

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