This is my submission for the Saatchi & Saatchi Hello Future competition

I chose the song After by Moby

Tomorrow is after today so that is future. Today was after yesterday so we are living in the future now

A young woman travels through the city but it moves around her, a present that she cannot connect with. The past lingers in her mind but she can't travel there, she must travel forward but what is she travelling towards. When she stops travelling, what comes after

Concept, camerawork, direction and editing: Victor Kellar

Performance: Moniquea Marion

Camera: Sony HDR XR350 HD Handycam.

Editing software: Final Cut Pro

I chose this little pocket cam along with a monopod to allow a run and gun style shoot through the streets of Toronto. The performance part of the video was shot in a single morning.

Most of the rest of the footage was shot over a few days, driving north of the city to find pastoral country settings then back downtown on the same day to find the crowds and traffic of the city and the non ending construction. Past, present and future all represented in a 20 minute journey

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