Over the past few months The Fondazzjoni Temi Zammit (FTZ) has been working on a project to regenerate Strait Street in Valletta and transform it into a hub of creative industries through the setting up of an incubator for cultural and artistic enterprises.

FTZ has formed the Fondazzjoni Strada Stretta (Strait Street Foundation) with this aim in mind.

The project proposed will launch the regeneration of the area, which can be transformed into a sort of bohemian, artistic quarter and the creation of a cluster of tourist attractions around this historic and nostalgic place.

Besides, the premises will also incorporate cultural spaces, such as a blackbox theatre, arthouse cinema, museum/heritage centre and galleries.

The overall project will serve to:
• regenerate this derelict area of Valletta;
• create a ‘bohemian’ district for artists and visitors;
• pave the way for the creation of new tourist attractions
• contribute to revive the city in the evenings
• boost cultural activity (facilitating the organisation of a range of artistic events – exhibitions, performances, gigs, rehearsals, art sessions etc – on a regular basis);

As a start we plan to launch this project with an art exhibition.

Opening hours:

Monday till Thursday 10 am - 1 pm
Friday till Sunday 5 pm – 9 pm

REDWHITEmt found some time to meet up Karolina, Linda and Flavie, the three girls who coordinated the exhibition, and asked them a few questions.

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