This is an online experiment in response to the hundreds (thousand?) of videos on youtube that are nothing but breast shots, that (somehow) garnish 1 million or more views.

This short film is a test subject that I will launch later today (May 9th, 2011) on YouTube to see in fact if it really is just that easy to get 1m+ hits with just a girl in a bikini dancing in a room.

Hence, Tits for Hits.

I would like to thank the brilliant mind of Bart Hess who created "Echo" who inspired some of the effects in this film.

The music is a remix of "Fuck the Pain Away" by The Peaches.

For more from the model vist


1 hour in. 24 views at 4PM.
1 Day 118 on youtube, 235 on Vimeo.
2 weeks: 250 on youtube 2500 on Vimeo. Changed name on Youtube to "Young Hot Girl playing with Breasts".
4 weeks: Just over 10K hits on Vimeo! (The Sensible Erection posted it, and BOOM!) and 648 hits on Youtube (insert sad trumpet sound).
2 days shy of a month and over 23K hits on Vimeo! Video brought the blog down for a few days last week, had to move to a dedicated server. Changed some of the Tags on youtube to see if an increase of viewership can be achieved.

At one month in we conclude the experiment. Final totals are 25,787 hits on Vimeo and 1,804 hits on YouTube. The video was never seeded or posted to anyone, and it generated those numbers solely on tags, title and content. Interesting little experiment.

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