After our trip to visit the orphans HALO supports in Kenya and Uganda, Africa, it was clear we needed to produce a video to celebrate the HALO Foundation's broadening mission: improving the lives of children in need.

Along with providing orphan's basic needs around the world, HALO now provides vocational training when the orphans become adults. This allows the orphans to support themselves and improve their communities. HALO has also added 2 domestic centers in the U.S. providing at risk or under served children opportunities to express themselves artistically and learn life skills.

“Theme of the Rabbit" Akiiki Romeo_Kelly Latimore
Courtesy of Ensigo

This video marks our first collaboration with the artists of the Ensigo recording label. Aaron Appleton, the creative director of Ensigo, personally records the performances of traditional artists in Kampala, Uganda, where the artists retain domestic rights. Internationally any proceeds from the recordings return to Uganda in the from of micro grants to fund music and art based projects.

If you love Ensigo music as much as we do visit and support local Ugandan artists by downloading an album from the Ensigo store.

Also thank you to Kelsey Amara for painting and letting me use her art supplies. Also thank you to Leena Fry for help with painting.

Josh Fry

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