Shot in the East Village in New York City, "One Who Looks" follows a young woman dealing with sexual repression. This was my fifth and final film for the Tisch course Sight & Sound: Film.

Shot MOS on Tri-X, 16mm black & white reversal film on the Arriflex 16S, edited on the Steenbeck and transferred digitally.

Lauren Jacqueline Roberts
Kellan Peavy
Julia "Lola" Wang
Michael Sutphin

Michael Sutphin
Ida Chelengar
Daniel Buono

DP: Ida Chelengar
Sound: Joseph Algranti
Written, edited, and directed by: Joseph Algranti

NYU Tisch School of the Arts
Sight & Sound: Film
Professor Enid Zentelis
Fall (November/December) 2010

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