SoLost is not known for a focus on breaking news. But with the epic wave of tornadoes that swept through the South this past week, we felt compelled to mark the moment.

Arriving in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, the day after the storm, we were, of course, struck by the level of destruction that stretched across the city. But we were also intrigued with the ever-present sound of chainsaws. Who was operating them? Where had they come from? So we set off to find out and got even more that expected.

Join us now for a trip into the world of chainsaw samaritans and a few of the lives they touched. And if you're as inspired as we were, then please consider a donation for relief efforts:

Producer / Director: Dave Anderson Photography
Editing and Postproduction: Jonathan Childs
Motion Graphics: TJ McCoy
Executive Producer: Warwick Sabin

SoLost is an Oxford American production.

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