Established in February of 2004 by Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM), Wellspring International is an extension of the central focus of RZIM, aiming to unite belief with action by empowering donors to make informed decisions about their giving. A humanitarian branch of RZIM, the vision of Wellspring International is to financially equip existing organizations aiding women, and children at risk, as well as to provide individual scholarships to support education, healthcare, and basic living needs.

Zamar Academy was established in Chennai, India, in June of 2004 with the vision of providing quality English-medium education free of cost to children (ages 3-10) from below poverty level families. In order to receive accreditation, however, schools in Chennai are required to own their own land and facilities.

In addition, due to government regulations, the oldest children at the school (fifth grade) will not be allowed to continue to sixth grade unless the school receives this accreditation.

In response to this immediate and crucial need, a Wellspring International donor has offered a matching grant to aid in the acquisition of suitable land and facilities.

It will also ensure the long-term hope of Zamar Academy founders, Samson and Regina Durai, to add an additional grade each year until twelfth grade is reached, thus guaranteeing the children a complete preparation for college.

In order to prevent Zamar's current fifth graders from having to drop out, the funds are needed by July.

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