Hip Hop Duo "Test Their Logik" Refuses to Back Down to Government Intimidation.

New video "Conspiracy Rap" responds to conspiracy charges with a "fuck you" to Canadian authorities.

During last June's G20 protests, the Canadian government brought trumped up conspiracy charges against revolutionary rap group Test Their Logik, accusing the hip hop duo of causing the riot that destroyed downtown with their hit video "Crash the Meeting."

The two were imprisoned, then forbidden contact upon release, as part of a massive campaign of repression that ultimately targeted over 1000 people.

Now that the prosecutors have admitted that their charges were groundless and dropped their no-contact injunction, Test Their Logik are back in action and coming harder than ever. Featuring a cameo by fan Glenn Beck of Fox News, their new video "Conspiracy Rap" sends a "big fuck" you to the ones who tried to stop them and offers a preview of their first official album, which they will release this May.

Like "Crash The Meeting," this video was produced by Anarkid, a self-taught multi-media warrior and VJ from Montreal.

"We're pushing that revolutionary hip-hop movement forward bustin' on the system," said Testament, one half of Test Their Logik. "We ain't scared, we ain't fazed, we comin' harder than ever to help inspire new waves of confrontations with authority and domination."

Test Their Logik will be touring extensively this spring to support the release of their new album, showing that resistance cannot be stopped by any amount of repression.

Meanwhile, over a dozen people still face serious charges as part of the same conspiracy rap the Canadian government tried to pin on Test Their Logik; the Guelph Anarchist Black Cross has released this zine to publicize their situation, which we strongly encourage you to print out and distribute.


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