This project was created purely to create interaction and engagement from the audience. Before the project we had the idea in mind for over a year and to finally bring it to reality is something we are very proud of. The initial focus when you walk in to the exhibition space would be the large grid of speakers however we are not trying to make 'sound' the focus of the exhibition. We are presenting sound in a new way, while at the exhibition it rely's on the user making sound to create the visual reaction from the speakers the focus is on the interaction and visual reaction.

The way the installation works is that there is a grid of speakers and next to the grid is a corresponding grid of microphones, one microphone is wired to one speaker. When a sound is made in to the microphone it is processed in to a volume level and that volume level is played through the speaker as a frequency. Each speaker has a different frequency going from high to low across the grid which creates different visualisations for each speaker.

In this video you can see the visualising sound installation working on a small scale.

Turn your volume up high for maximum impact.

Music: James Blake - Air and Lack Thereof

By Megan James and stvo33:

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