Submission for Stillmotion's Simple Contest

When I was in grad school, I would make lunch for W every morning. I would tear a piece out of a scratch paper and write little notes to her. She kept every message. That was the inspiration for this film.

We really had some issues with lighting. We shot this over a period of 4 days. Since we started shooting after 8pm due to our daily jobs we had lots of lighting issues. First off, we had mixed lighting (Fluorescent and CFL) throughout the room. Second, we had to lower shutter speed because the fluorescent was making waves in the shot.

At W's work, we messed up one shot. If you take a look at the computer screen, in one scene it's on, next it's off, then it's on again...(screensaver).

Overall we need to learn how make the film a bit more cinematic. We tried grading in Color...but that didn't work too well.

Easter Egg: While we were putting together the board, we wrote a tiny message (lower left) to SM =)

We shot this movie with:
7d, 20 (1.8), 30 (1.4), and 50 (1.4) mm Sigma
GH2 with 20mm (1.7). We used the GH2 for the lunch box shot and the fridge since we could flip the LCD screen out.
Cinevate Atlas 30.

Music licensed from triplescoop: "I Do Adore" by Mindy Gledhill

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