The exotic & strange, but always fun & exciting world of FORBIDDEN FRUIT!

Explore uncommon, unexpected and delicious produce with intrepid explorer/hosts Perry & Jules.

In Depth: In a half-hour format, hosts Perry Ojeda and Jules Hartley explore uncommon varieties of fruits & veggies. Uncovering produce that runs the gamut from local heirloom varieties to bizarre & exotic imports, FORBIDDEN FRUIT is captivating and entertaining television for all ages.

Kids & adults both will be fascinated by the little known historical, cultural, and food sourcing facts & trivia that host, commentator and fruit expert Perry delves into. Using super-simple recipes, expert “green” chef (& professional model) Jules creates a fun, enticing & health-conscious environment in the kitchen exploring the nutritional benefits and special chemistry of particular unique produce. Each episode unfolds with the mystery of an unknown (or little-known) fruit/vegetable that is slowly revealed into something familiar, fun and delicious that can be consumed and enjoyed in any home.

Why now? There is a market for it. According to The Financial Times and the Wall Street Journal, exotic fruit and related products like drinks and freeze dried fruit have jumped nearly 40% since September of 2010. For example, Pepsi, with it’s brand Sobe Life Water, has introduced with great fanfare and success an exotic fruit line of products, the harbinger of the things (and profit) to come. Regardless of stormy economic forecasts, exotic produce is a hot, cutting-edge sector of the food & beverage market that consumers are interested in right now! Shows like GOOD EATS, IRON CHEF AMERICA and CHOPPED on The Food Network and Andrew Zimmern’s BIZZARE FOODS and Anthony Bourdain’s NO RESER-VATIONS on the Travel Channel have devoted and loyal followings as they introduce the viewer to interesting and unique food items. Viewers are hungry for something healthy, new & different that will also get them talking & buying. FORBIDDEN FRUIT will tap into this thriving and affluent viewing market.

This show concept, sizzle reel & pitch have been copyrighted and registered with WGA, 2011.

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