This is a clip featuring my Volvo Sportwagon. I shot this last summer for presenting the Prancing Moose stickers introduced by Dave Burton ( These stickers are a must for every Volvo owner.
Then it was for testing my shooting, acting, and editing skills :)

A bit of story:
When the XC90 debuted in 2002, Volvo organized several test drive events, where quite a few Volvo fans came out to see and drive the new SUVs on fast cone slalom courses. Volvo was showing off their new and advanced Dynamic Stability Traction Control (DSTC), a first of its kind for an SUV. One of the courses was a special slalom, where a professional driver would take a carload of folks, accelerate to a high speed (around 60 mph), keep his foot firmly planted on the gas... to the floor, and then crank the wheel as fast as he could one direction, then the other. This dangerous maneuver simulated the avoidance of an obstacle in the road, such as a moose (even though it was really just some cones). The DSTC was truly an amazing feature. Many other tall vehicles would have certainly become very unstable and possibly lost control, spun out or even rolled over during such an extreme maneuver, but the Volvo's DSTC took over and kept the SUV in perfect form without a hint of trouble. Volvo was calling this course the "Moose Avoidance Test", which seems to be a fairly common and useful test in places that might actually have mooses running out in front of cars.

Later, when Volvo began showing their new SUV at various places, such as car expos, one of them was sporting a pair of moose stickers on its fenders, although it was a cartoon-like standing moose profile, not a prancing moose. This concept inspired Dave Burton to design the Volvo Prancing Moose. So if you own a Volvo and have a sense of humor, these stickers are a must for your car. And as you can see, they are also available for our SAAB cousins and many other worthy makes of cars. Moose stickers are turning up on many cars and trucks. Maybe the moose will insire world peace one day.

Shot on Canon 550d and indislider mini.
Music by Sigur Ross.

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