Brief time lapse video showing the construction of my final piece for my Extended Major Project self titled 'Static Motion'.

This brief looked at the idea of creating the perception of motion from still images and objects. This installation breaks motion down to moments etched in time by fragmenting a 3D render of an Audi R8, and setting it at different depths.

Printed on vinyl then stuck to 50 clear Perspex strips the piece creates a surreal experience as you move past it, giving a strong impression of movement. Fleeting moments of clarity ripple through the image picking out key details and aspects of the car, creating an interesting and interactive experience.

(Unfortunately the field of view for the lens of the camera used for this time lapse was such that it only lines up the image at one single focal point. At this distance the human eye sees the whole image perfectly aligned. In a future video of the finished piece itself this will not be the case. Music: Air - Talisman)

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