Here is the split screen version of a short video I filmed in "real harsh sun almost midday" conditions.
The idea was to see first hand how the new picture profile is helping the camera to cope with highlights/shadow + how skin tons looks before and After utilizing the LUT.

It was also a chance to check an old Angenieux Leica R Zoom lens (35-70, f2.5/3.3). My feeling is that I need a different adapter to the EOS mount. With the current one focus is not absolute.

Working in Technicolor's CineStyle picture profile is requiring some practice. Focusing is no easy and try to close at list half stop more from the "correct exposure".

Equipment used:
Canon 7d
Fader ND
Cineroid EVF
Tokina 11-16mm f2.8
Canon EF 70-200 f.4
Angenieux Leica R Zoom lens (35-70, f2.5/3.3

Music:Toshihiko Sahashi, Big O Season, apologine-bleecker-st

ISO: 160
Picture profile settings as recommended by Technicolor

Edited in Adobe Premiere CS2 with Cineform Neo 4k.
Technicolor's LUT file utilized within Cineform First-Light



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