As a result of the recent APECS Shaping the Future of the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP) workshop, 6 recommendations were written by the 40 participants reflecting the needs for future arctic research projects and early career researchers. This video recording is of the delivery to the delegates of the AMAP The Arctic as a Messenger of Global Processes Conference held 3-6 May 2011 in Copenhagen, Denmark. For more information on these recommendations and the workshop, visit

Arctic communities and ecosystems are currently experiencing rapid changes. As early career researchers and young policy makers, we recognize the urgent need to address environmental, social and economic concerns of Arctic ecosystems and residents. We further recognize that engaging local communities and reaching broader public audiences are as equally important as conducting cutting-edge research. Here we present draft recommendations, some general in scope and some specific to AMAP, from a one day workshop that brought together both early and established researchers and policy makers to help shape the future of AMAP.

- Develop an interdisciplinary and internationally coordinated monitoring system
- Move beyond identifying problems to creating solutions
- Implement meaningful involvement of early career researchers
- Practice effective, broad-ranging outreach
- Facilitate communications training
- Develop a system for retention for early career researchers.

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