In most of my projects I always try to capture and portray images in a way the human eye isn't capable. I've been experimenting with different capturing techniques for some while, but this time I wanted to use some of them (Virtual Cameras processed by code in this case) for narrative purposes only, leaving the concept and the story to be the main focus of the video.

I wanted to play with a character that wasn't able to access time, and someone in coma served this purpose... I added a hero that through his dreams and obsessions, would try to bring her back, and grant her a future (serving the Hello, future concept). The good or bad "combination of the drugs" would be also part of the story (Cause???/remedy???)

I didn't use any CG, the spaces are just like that... Also, no motion control was used... found a way to do those movements without one.

Note: This video was not inspired by Moby's The Day video. Any similarity on the story is purely cointidential. Didn't know of its existence until several days after delivering our entry.

Big thanks to all my friends in the crew that participated.

This was shot entirely on locations and spaces created by the mexican architect Javier Senosiain, with his proper permission and consent.

Frank Beltrán

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